Beebop Studios is a fully independent post-production house that knows what it takes and strive to create an easy going boutique like environment, properly outfitted to meet your every need from shooting to the master whether it be for film, documentary, commercials, series or new medias.

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Beebop Studios, grouping visual and sound artists on 5 floors of state of the art studios. Situated in previously Studio Cinar's technical installations, Beebop Studios occupy the perfect space, 2 streets from SRC and TVA or 5 minutes from Télé Québec.


9 Offline/Online Editing Suites
Avid, Final Cut, Première


Stereo & 5.1 mixing Studios, Editing Suites, Voice over and dubbing Studio, Foley Studio

Color Grading

4k DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Suite

Duplication Service

Assistanat Station, Digitizing and Ouput, Transcoding, archiving

Shooting Studio

Interview and Casting with Green or black screen

Visual Effect

Graphics Department and Motion Design

Customer Service

Project management and Coordination Services

Technique Service

Technical support 24/7 and IT Department

Offline/Online Editing

We have 9 large suites that offer technology, versatility and comfort as desired by the creators . These rooms can accommodate your projects that require a quality environment . Whether for a documentary series , fiction , magazines, a web series or to complete a project that requires the highest quality standards for film, our team will help you benefit from this exceptional environment .

Studio M

M is a reference studio approved Dolby Digital 5.1 for cinema with a HD projection room for 20 people. Its speakers Dynaudio AIR25 , the only Montreal and four speakers grave , gives a remarkable rich sound and above all a faithful listening , transparent and identical to that of the commercial theater .

Studio Dynamo

Also in 5.1 configuration Dynamo is a studio all wood, more intimate, perfect for documentaries and television. Designed by Tom Hidley , it is equipped with Genelec speakers , an HD screen, it offers a warm and inspiring atmosphere for quality work .

Studio Kaluza

For a narrative or high quality post sync, Kaluza our studio offers a sound recording of high purity in a warm environment. Our wide selection of microphones combined with our different preamplifiers will maximize the talent to record. The Kaluza studio is versatile , it also provides a friendly environment for all projects as sound effects for feature films / documentaries for television series or for advertising.

Audio Editing Suite

5 Pro Tools sound editing rooms equipped with Dynaudio reference monitors and centralized 240,000 sound effects. All providing comfort dreamed for editors in addition to speed and facilitate all assembly and sound design .

Color Grading Suite

With expertise developed at the heart of our studios , we offer a range of services colorization and image processing adapting to all types of productions. Our calibration department is working with our 2D / 3D computer graphics division so that your looks, compositions and special effects are developed and integrated with rigor , depending on your creative vision.

Shooting Studio

Our studio Z is dispotion all . Whether for a shooting, a cast or to a location in a more permanent basis , the Z studio comes on request with the filming equipment , enough to lighten your job to the fullest!

Graphic and Motion Design

We create openings infographic television broadcast , animation , commercials and special effects. Talented designers, versatile and multi-purpose , ensure the quality of each project.

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